About Company

On behalf of “RasskazoFF” Engineering-and-Construction Group I would like to thank you for your interest in our company and offer you our construction and finishing services.

The “RasskazoFF” Engineering-and-Construction Group provides high-skill services in the sphere of complex architectural and interior designs as part of the premium class segment. Our philosophy is the search for harmony of men and their living quarters. The interior concepts offered by “RasskazoFF” experts are intended for a special group of clients who have keen artistic taste, are aware of the genuine value of things, seek to create a unique life style and comfort – their own family history.

An important feature of the company is the work on designing and implementation of a variety of projects (city apartments, cottages, estates, yachts, airplanes, etc.) and their all-inclusive servicing. Profound knowledge of different historical styles and architectural techniques, ability to combine harmoniously modern conceptions of comfort with exquisite classic canons, generation of special unmatchable esthetics distinguish the professional approach applied by our architects and designers and create their faultless image.

In the course of implementation of our projects the progress of work is closely monitored by the interior design authors. This allows to timely respond to your wishes, make alterations to drawings, solve other current issues.