About Company

On behalf of “RasskazoFF” Engineering-and-Construction Group I would like to thank you for your interest in our company and offer you our construction and finishing services.

The “RasskazoFF” Engineering-and-Construction Group provides high-skill services in the sphere of complex architectural and interior designs as part of the premium class segment. Our philosophy is the search for harmony of men and their living quarters. The interior concepts offered by “RasskazoFF” experts are intended for a special group of clients who have keen artistic taste, are aware of the genuine value of things, seek to create a unique life style and comfort – their own family history.

An important feature of the company is the work on designing and implementation of a variety of projects (city apartments, cottages, estates, yachts, airplanes, etc.) and their all-inclusive servicing. Profound knowledge of different historical styles and architectural techniques, ability to combine harmoniously modern conceptions of comfort with exquisite classic canons, generation of special unmatchable esthetics distinguish the professional approach applied by our architects and designers and create their faultless image.

In the course of implementation of our projects the progress of work is closely monitored by the interior design authors. This allows to timely respond to your wishes, make alterations to drawings, solve other current issues.

Our team is capable of performing any large-scale work within the shortest time, the quality not being compromised. Our capacities enable us to provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Services provided by “RasskazoFF” Engineering-and-Construction Group

  • Manufacture and installation of woodwork and furniture for offices, billiard rooms, etc.
  • Making doors of oak masses and precious wood species, painting, patina, craquelures.
  • Manufacture of ornamental and mosaic parquet.
  • Manufacture and assembly of staircases.
  • Gypsum and handmade stucco work by patented methods.
  • Fabrication of fireplaces, marble and many other operations.
  • Textured finish (Venetian); art painting.
  • Electric installation work.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Interior design engineering.
  • Construction of houses on turn-key basis.
  • Supply of furniture, equipment, etc..

Upkeep, proper maintenance and use of buildings, structures, premises, land plots, as well as engineering communications, systems and equipment, including the following services: scheduled-preventive maintenance of engineering systems, equipment, components of structures and premises at site, reconstruction and repair (running, emergency, extensive repairs, including engineering supervision) of project facilities, development and prescribed coordination of schedules of repairs (running, emergency, extensive repairs, including engineering supervision) of project facilities, performance of essential operations to assure execution of design, start-up and adjustment work, commissioning new project facilities and those under reconstruction, engineering systems and equipment, improvement of land plots, arrangement and assurance of security control at project sites, making provisions for operation and repair of communication facilities, work, involving the use of information representing the state secret, mobilization training, civil defense information, providing for security conditions, fire safety conditions, as well as readiness of the Establishment for doing the work in emergency situations, rendering logistics support, social and domestic services.

Confidence of clients in our company and comfortable communication with our experts are attributed to the establishment of a special department engaged in service back up and maintenance of released interior projects, butler (administrator) service.

The butler service relieves the “RasskazoFF” clients from any care associated with interior maintenance and alteration (special care of interior items made of original materials, décor renovation, installation of additional equipment, dry cleaning of drapery and domestic textiles, restoration of furniture items, etc.).

And the most important factor: as you make up your mind to launch the house construction project, you place the responsibility for the use of a new cottage or apartment on our company.

All the project are fulfilled within the shortest time, quality not being compromised, due to the use of advanced European methods and high-quality construction materials. The projects are released to customers on the turn-key basis.

Projects that were fulfilled by our Company:

Residence (Riviera), Sochi, Bocharov Ruchei, Sochi, Krasnaya Poliana, Sochi, “Rus” sanatorium, Sochi.  Частные дома первых лиц крупных компаний в Санкт-Петербурге.  Private houses for heads of large companies in St. Petersburg. Houses in Moscow area, Greenfield townships, building complex, Landshaft settlement in Usovo, “Malenkaya Italiya” (small Italy), Riverside, “Lesnoi gorodok” building complex, building complex in Korabelnyye Sosny township, as well as many other projects that can become, beyond all doubt, a part of our national history as items of architectural art.

Apart from it, our organization was involved more than once in the civil engineering work at private sites owned by managerial personnel of such well-established companies as “GAZPROM”, “Alfa Group”, “Lukoil”, “PIK Group”, “AST”, “StroiGazConsulting”. The running repairs have been carried out in such buildings as “RF State Duma”, “RF Federation Council”, etc. We are especially proud of our work on reconstruction of the Federation Council building. During two summer months our company carried out the work to the total volume of 5,800 m2 jointly with our partners. This work was marked by the Certificate of Honor that was personally granted by the Federation Council Chairman. Besides, the name of our Company was entered in the Federation Council history record (chronicle). We and our partners also carried out the stucco work for the world-sensation MARDAN PALACE hotel in Antalia.


We do hope that our cooperation will be lasting and fruitful!

With high respect,

Генеральный директор

Dmitriy V. Rasskazov General Director of “RasskazoFF” Engineering-and-Contsruction Group